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Just wanted to let u now that STTA is pleased with our recent purchase of the MYOB software and also you and Reon’s excellent account servicing. Have browsed through 361 Degree website and found the information on your product and services are clearly listed and easy to understand. The link to government funding is a good reference for your potential customer.


Deon Pun,
Singapore Table Tennis Association

361 had provided an excellent service on implementation of my MYOB Accounting Software and they even assist us on migration of old data from our existing system to MYOB.

With their assistance, our old system was successfully migrated to MYOB Accounting Software without hiccups.

Well done 361!!!

Adeline Zhao,
eq Music Pte Ltd

Mr. Ken is very helpful and understandable. He is also friendly.

Arundathi Pramod Hedge,
MSD Electronics Industries

Trainer is very informative & knowledgeable. Other then teaching the MYOB software, he touches on classification of accounts & accounting knowledge. Yes very interesting indeed, Mr. Ken has a very unique way of imparting his knowledge, fun & jovial.

Lydia Wong Wai Yin,
Vision One Pte Ltd

Software is easily used by non-accounting personnel. Good job done!

Lydia Chia,
Singapore Table Tennis Association

Ken is a very professional trainer.

Doris Low,
Cryogenic Logistic Equipment & Trading Pte Ltd

Thanks for teaching us to use this software and for the many good examples and attention to details.

NRS Property Consultants Pte Ltd

Very knowledgeable and detailed in going through almost every functions of the software.

Jean Lee,
NRS Property Consultants Pte Ltd

I am very much enriched with the training in knowledge of accounting software and its benefits.

Kay Tan,
Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd

This is a letter of testimony relating to the sale of MYOB Accounting software provided to our company by Ms.Evelyn Chng of 361 Degree Consultancy, Her services can be described as professional and thorough. She places a great deal of emphasis on understanding our accounting needs especially on our fixed asset management because it is in this area where manual management makes the task laborious and can go awry.

During the implementation phase, we had the opportunity to work with other members on her team and found them to be equally knowledgeable. Most importantly, we have a very satisfactory post sales support. Evelyn and her team is always ready to render any assistance we require and helpful.

We would have no reservations whatsoever to recommend her services to any company that needs to computerize their accounts.

Feel free to call the undersigned if you need more information about Evelyn.

Mrs SK Lim-Lee Administration Manager,
Padi Holdings Pte Ltd

We write to commend Ms Evelyn Chng from 361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd for her excellent service provided to us in relation to our purchase of a new MYOB accounting software from her.

We are very glad to note that she is very professional and proficient in her knowledge of the products and services her company offers. At the first meeting we had with her, she was very patient to fully understand the needs of our organisation. From it, she had recommended the most suitable software to provide the solutions to suit our requirements.

Thereafter, we are impressed at her patience in waiting for us to be ready for the implementation as there was a change on our end with our IT facilities.

Through the course of our implementation, we have found the other members in her team in 361 Degree to be proficient, professional and most helpful as well. The customisation of our forms was done excellently by Ms LiLinda. All-in all, the after sales service provided is of a high standard.

We would have no reservation in recommending Ms Evelyn Chng and 361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd to any company for their services.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for further information.

Esther Tan (Ms) Finance Manager,
The Bible Society of Singapore

Interesting Trainer!!!

Tracy Lee,
PBG Aluminium & Glazing Works Pte Ltd

Ken is a very good trainer, the presentation was good and clear.

Cressida Chen,

Atsuma Industrial Engineering Pte Ltd

The lesson was well explained and was very interesting…!

Joanne Siew,

DMX Asia Pte Ltd

This is my 2nd session with Ken Leong and I still learn A LOT from him. He added lots of MYOB topics like accounting knowledge, IRAS updates and etc. Really appreciate the great effort he has put in. Enjoy learning very much. THANK YOU KEN!!!!

Lydia Wong Wai Yin,

Vision One Pte Ltd

Nice and interactive trainer. Trying his BEST to engage participants.

Ee Shi Yun,

Neo Hong Contractor

Very clear & easy to understand. Able to answer our questions well.

Ashley Jenn Tan,

Omnisense Systems Pte Ltd

Interesting Session!!!

Wyvan Yu,

Oom Pte Ltd

The trainer, Ken makes the lesson very interesting and it’s very interactive. I am able to understand the usage of the system through Ken’s explanation. Personally, I am not train in accounting; hence I was lost at some part of it. However, I am glad that I can come back for a re-sit for 6 months. I will be back!!

Alicia Yeo,

Alpha Asia Holdings Pte Ltd

Mr Ken Leong has the competency in conducting the training. I have a clear understanding of MYOB after attending this training. It convinced me that the software is user-friendly and it serves the purpose. Thanks for the sharing of Knowledge Ken……

Ong Hwee Lee Theresa,

GMS Link Pte Ltd

He gave us many useful information, we benefitted a lot from attending the session.

Thank You So Much Ken….

Jacqueline Chew Lea Wei,

Simex Materials Solutions Pte Ltd

He patiently answered ALL the questions raised by the participants.

Nan Sandi Oo,

Simex Materials Solutions Pte Ltd

Ken is very willing to answer our questions and explains well!!

Carin Tan,

Blackwood Investment Pte Ltd

Ken is patient and approachable. Willing to answer questions and explain well.

Jennifer Lim,

Blackwood Investment Pte Ltd

Very Good! Helpful! Very clear Explanations!!

Lee Lay Chiew Elynn,

TeraGas Pte Ltd

The class is very friendly, the trainer is very helpful and know the topics well. Every query was answered and explained to us. Very detailed training.

Ms Valen Tan,

6 Range Group Pte Ltd

Both Ken & Venus are very professional, friendly and helpful. They cover most of the modules with ease which made us all very eager and excited to start using MYOB immediately.

Jowena Chew,

Elite Autocare

Trainer is approachable and knowledgeable

Tatianna McKenzie,

Unimed Healthcare Pte Ltd

Very clear and knowledgeable Trainer

Joe Choy,

Poly Natural Health Process Pte Ltd

Thanks A LOT !!!

Kim Sujung,

Alston Publishing House Pte Ltd

Good Job Ken!!!

Trisno Widjaja,

Platinum28 Pte Ltd

I am new to accounting software, but I find MYOB is very good, very clear & easy to understand.

Angie Ng Tat Hong,

Horizon Auto Tuners Pte Ltd

Good job of getting a crash course of entire package in 8 hours. Very interactive and hands on. THANKS!!!

V.S. Hariharan,

Third Wave Power Pte Ltd

Interesting and engaging. Ken’s way of delivering the training/course is not only informative but also entertaining. I would probably go for a re-sit just for the jokes.

Ivy Acedo,

Venture Platform Pte Ltd

Ken is very skilful and knowledgeable Trainer!!

Sim Poh Suan,

Alder Three Pte Ltd

Had great time with MYOB!!

Adlina Mokhtar,

Flight Focus Pte Ltd

He made the class LIVELY!!!

Rafeah Bte Osman,

Jade Clover Pte Ltd

Ken is a great mentor; he knows how to keep us from falling asleep with his random jokes.

Tan Bing Rui,

iGrow Contacts

I find the lesson very interesting, useful and the trainer (Ken) has answered my queries. He is knowledgeable and well-verse in MYOB.

Linda Ng,

Blackmagic Design Manufacturing Pte Ltd

He gave many examples that make us understand easier.

Pang Jun Fei,

Auto-Technica Service Centre

Ken has been very patient with the students despite not feeling well today. He acted professionally and attended to all questions raised.

Gabriel Wong,

Amber Veterinary Practice Pte Ltd

Thank You for the engaging session!!

Carie Koh, ST Medical Services Pte Ltd