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Access Anywhere
Access Anywhere

Access your Software from Anywhere!


Works on PC, Laptop, iPAD & Smartphone


ACCESS ANYWHERE allows you to access your office applications such as MYOB Accounting Software in the office from any place in the world as long as you are connected to internet. You can even work from home or cafe!


Improve Speed

Fast access when you connect MYOB/Quickbooks in a multi-user environment.


Application Control

Users access right subjected to permission granted by administrator.


Universal Printer

Print to any printers attached with the computer (either in office or at home)


HTML5 Web Access

Turn your server to web-enable applications server



Works on PC, Mac, iPad, Smartphone & etc. You may now run PC Applications on Mac or vice versa especially in a multi-user environment.


Some other features include,

• Available on XP, VISTA, W7/8, 2003/8/2012 and SBS

• Easy-to-use, flexible and stable

• Application Control by User and/or by Group

• Fast file transfer within a session

• Seamless Application Publishing

• Internet Web Access using IC, Opera, Filezilla

• HTTPS/VPN secured Web Access

• Windows, Linus, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android…

• Secured server communication

• Windows client generator




Complimentary Trial Version

If you still not sure, why not request a complimentary trial version now! Absolutely no obligation! Make decision only you are satisfied with what you need.


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