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Flexi Works!


Flexi-Works! is an initiative by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), in partnership with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to help companies hire new workers on part-time or flexible work arrangements.


The scheme offers a grant of up to $100,000 to support a company’s efforts in doing so. The programme has been extended to run from 1 April 2010 to 31 December 2012.




Two Tranches of Flexi-Works!


Funding will be disbursed in 2 tranches:


Tranche 1:

Companies can claim up to $10,000 for introducing flexible work arrangements in the company.


For this tranche, companies will have to:


  • Send HR staff for MOM-approved Work-Life training;
  • Make provision for flexible work arrangements in their HR policies; and
  • Communicate the policy to their staff


Grant Computation


The grant amount will be based on 80% of actual cost incurred, capped at $10,000 per company. Companies can apply for reimbursement of costs.


This tranche is the same as the first tranche of the WoW! Fund. Each applicant can only tap on this tranche once, either under the WoW! Fund or Flexi-Works! programmes. They can tap on the second tranches of WoW! Fund and Flexi-Works! independently.




Tranche 2:

Companies can claim up to $90,000 for recruiting eligible workers on part-time or flexible work arrangements.


For this tranche, companies will have


To fulfill the requirements of Tranche 1 (companies must apply for Tranches 1 and 2 concurrently);


– Recruit local workers with the following two requirements :


  • At least 60% of the recruited workers to be out of work for at least 3 months; and
  • Aged 30 and above


Grant Computation 


The grant amount will be based on :


  • Number of workers recruited on part-time or flexible working arrangements and retained for at least 2 months multiplied by $1,500; OR
  • 80% of the declared project costs

whichever is the lower, subject to a cap of $90,000 per company.


Companies should aim to achieve their recruitment target 6 months from the date of approval for their applications. For company receiving or applying for the ADVANTAGE! Grant, the total cumulative grant for both projects is capped at $400,000.





What can the Grant be used for?


The grant can be used for costs incurred for job redesign, consultancy, recruitment, training, absentee payroll and equipment, or to put in place part time or flexible working arrangements.


The grant cannot be used for any form of retention bonus or salary support.


How to Apply?



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