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What is the meaning of single-user & multi-user?

A single-user package allows users to operate MYOB in a single person environment, on the other hand, multi-user package allows 3 persons or more to assess MYOB simultaneously.


Can I request a product demo before confirming the purchase?

Yes, we organize public demo on a regular basis and our friendly consultant can also visit your office to perform complimentary demo. Please give us a call at 65157906 to speak to any of our friendly consultants.


Does MYOB include multi-currency & inventory management?

Yes, MYOB is enabled with multi-currency and inventory management. It also comes with simple process which cater for manufacturing too.


What do I get when I purchase the MYOB Premier Package?

You will get,

–          MYOB Premier Software

–          Onsite Installation

–          Setup of one Company Data file

–          Setup of professional forms (eg. Tax invoice & etc)

–          Setup of payment vouchers & receipts

–          Classroom training with unlimited re-sit within 6 months

–          Complimentary one month telephone and email support



I am not an accountant or proficient in accounting, can I use MYOB?

Yes, definitely! Most of our customers are not accounts trained and they have been using MYOB very happily.


What can MYOB do for me? Isn’t it just an accounting software?

MYOB is more than just an accounting software, it comes with some of the popular functions such as,

–          Inventory Tracking System

–          Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

–          Issue Sales Invoice to Customers

–          Issue Purchase Orders to Suppliers

–          Handling Multi-Currencies

–          Bank Reconciliation

–          Generating Project Profit & Loss Details

–          & Many more



What if I still cannot comprehend after attending the training session?

Our classroom training allows participants to have unlimited “re-sit” within 6 months from the first attendance. Hence, you are able to re-attend the training for FREE.

The free unlimited “re-sit” is limited to the same participant and has to be performed within 6 months from the first attendance.



What is the classroom size?

Our training class size is rather small to ensure personal touch and close supervision, the maximum size per class is limited at 12 persons. Most of the time, the class size is between 6 ~ 10 person.



How frequent is the classroom training?

We organize our classroom training twice a month, and upon request and responses, we may organize more classes. We have been running at least 3 classes for the past few months.



Do you provide after sales support?

Yes, you will enjoy complimentary one month telephone and email support upon attending the training. Thereafter, it is optional for you to sign up on yearly basis. We recommend you to sign up the annual support for the first 2 years.



Can I get any government grant to defray my cost?

Yes, eligible company may apply iSPRINT grant to defray 70% of the software cost (capped at $1,500). For more information, visit our write-up on iSPRINT.



How I do apply government grant?

You may fill up the self-declaration form from IDA to assess the company’s eligibility. For more information, please call our friendly consultant at 6515 7906 to find out more.



Must I be GST registered to apply the iSPRINT grant?

No, GST registration is not a eligibility criteria. You may got confused with another scheme, Accounting Software Assistance Scheme (ASAS). Under ASAS, company must be GST registered to be eligible.