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MAGNISS enables businesses to easily analyse profitability, budget versus actual, revenue, inventory, and cash requirements etc instantaneously especially when the information is spread across multiple applications. MAGNISS is a non-invasive reporting system that facilitates information from multiple functions to be culled out and presented in an appropriate form to enable informed decisions.


MAGNISS has the unique capability of providing instant reports and analysis across your numerous departmental systems that do not communicate with each other.


MAGNISS can get you the right information you want, at the right time and in the right form. The reports generated include those that help you make informed business decisions. They include those for Budget vs Actual, Cost Analysis, Know your Customer (CRM), Productivity Monitoring, Performance Management, Analysis Report (Profitability, Sales and Trend) and many more.


MAGNISS can be used across many industries such as Trading, Marine, Services, Manufacturing, Retail / FMCG, F&B, Construction, Financial Services and others.