Vend POS System Singapore

Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud - Free 30 day trial. No credit card required. 361DC the official Vend Partner in Singapore, managing retailers across Asia.

Retail Vend POS System in Singapore.

  • Vend Point-of-sale
  • Easy to use, flexible and responsive.
  • Vend also allow you to make layby sales or account sale to trade B2B.
  • Vend eCommercem
  • eCommerce POS System
  • Vend POS system allow your customer to buy online and collect at the store or gaining loyalty point regardless how they buy from you.
  • Vend Stock control
  • Inventory POS System
  • Track inventory in one or many store
  • You will have better control of how to relocate your inventory to the outlets and never overstock again.
  • Pricebook
  • Give discount, automatically
  • Price book is design to improve efficiency of your cashier operation and ensure you sell like a pro.
  • Customer experiences
  • Successful retail business apart from pricing.
  • You can open an account in Vend for your customer to keep their credits easily and let them use it in the future transactions OR give them a personal discount, Automatically.
  • Dashboard
  • Real time reporting
  • Vend Dashboard is real time reporting and you can monitor your business anywhere anytime from your computer.
  • Gift Card
  • Create your own "Currency"
  • Vend has re-innovate the way you sell your gift card without having to input all the card serial number before it can start to sell.
  • Cash Management
  • Handling cash with care
  • The register closure note will retain in the systems for future audit and remotely accessible by retailer.